Meet Alyssa Cavallo

Graphic & Web Designer

I woke up years ago in panic with the giant question squeezing my throat …. *what am I doing with my life in the future?* I have always been an artist. Growing up in a family of artistry: Grandpa the painter, Uncle the toy engineer & super creative person in general, and having a designer / jewelry making Aunt. I was exposed to art world very young and it hugged me right back. Then I sat down, wrote down all my pros v. cons and when my second language was already computers/technology and art why not mesh the two? That’s exactly what I did. I found a tech college in East Greenwich, RI and received a degree in Graphics / Web and Multimedia in 2014. From then, I have kept rising to new professional experiences, so I can get the feels for all different types of work environments. My favorite thing about my graphic design talents are: helping businesses, beauty bloggers and clients express their ideas in logos, websites, email marketing and print materials. Whatever I can do to help them succeed, that gives me the satisfaction. Along with helping others with my skills, I enjoy trying new things. I spent the last year as Art Director at Motif Magazine and along with designing I started writing. I got an interview with Jon Nolan, lead guitarist from Taking Back Sunday. (Read the Article Here) 

Fun Facts:

  • I drive a bat mobile
  • I grew up where the pilgrims landed (woo! 1620, cement rock…)
  • I am dog mom to a Puggle, Carter. (click to check my Insta!)
  • My favorite color is green, and it matches my eyes.